PUBLISHED photographer

from New York city



When did JaQuan Borders become a photographer?


     I've always enjoyed taking photos, early I always heard "You have the eye for it." High School! You'd almost always see me carrying around my camera, capturing the moments. My story, encouragement, genuine DM's and comments keeps me going, you'll helped create @LoveJBPhotos. Photography found me and I found LOVE. As a professional. My journey started in 2014 when I started shooting with signed models. Traveling gave me the most joy and confidence, shooting in beautiful Miami, Tampa Florida, San Francisco, Oakland, LA, DC, TX and so on. I gained respect pretty fast with numerous publications, three in one month, Fuse Magazine issue 9, Ellements Magazine issue 5, Model Modele bare issue. It all happened so fast. I was still learning the industry as this all transpired. Quickly realizing taking photos wasn't just an enjoyable hobby anymore. I found my passion and stuck with it. 2015 came I stopped shooting and traveling for a while. It was a minor setback which paved the way for this major comeback. Now realizing that what I am doing now is going get me to where I desire to be. 2016 was an honor to work for Lifetouch in Virginia. Often asked; what is your main style for photoshoots? I enjoy shooting brands and event photography. However, I am very versatile. Thank you all for following me along my journey, JaQuan Borders.